Kustom Kleen Dry Cleaners - Do Not Go To Kustom Kleen in Arlington Heights, IL

Waukegan, Illinois 1 comment

Do NOT take your clothing to this dry cleaners, as they put a hole in a pair of very expensive trousers (fiarly new, over $100) that I gave them to dry clean and specifically told them about a spot which I wanted removed.Instead, they put a hole where the spot was and did not inform me when I went in to pick up the pants and made no effort compensate me for at least half of what the pants were worth.

They have no consideration for their customers and I have heard other complaints since then that they scam people.Bad place, awful people!




I've had nothing but great service here.It's a family owned store.

They do a great job, prices are reasonable, and they have never damaged any of my clothes. I've been a regular customer there for years. No idea what you are talking about. By the way, nice spelling.

"fiarly new"???The red squiggly line under "fiarly" means you need to go back to school.

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